A coldhearted killer

Urgh. Ants in the kitchen today.

There are 2 things one must know about me: 1. Anything with more that 4 limbs or is slimy is not allowed in my personal space and must perish. Usually I will call some other brave soul to annihilate the critters. 2. I am neurotic and will not rest until I have gotten rid of all the pests. So what did I do for a couple hours? I sat there and killed ants with Windex for a couple hours. Kitchen is pretty sparkly too, so it turned into a win-win actually. Then I bought Raid for the next round if they dare come back because I will be incessantly bothered if they don’t all die (neurotic!).

I have won today’s battle, and I do plan on winning this war.

I have vowed to crush the little buggers

Also to note, I got a new chair today (an office chair) that my dad brought home from his work. Apparently, when they lay off people, the company gets rid of the office furniture as well, which seems kind of sad and wasteful to me. I will do my best to the describe the weird that this new chair is for me because I had been sitting in my old chair for about 7 years. First, the back is a lot taller, so sitting back and my head hitting something is a totally new sensation. My old chair was a bit broken (it was an office chair too) and when I leant back, the whole thing would tilt back – hilarious when someone sits in it for the first time. I’m missing the reclining ability of my old chair actually. And lastly, for some strange reason the armrests move which sort of defeats the purpose of an arm rest as my arm can’t rest.

While we’re talking about chairs, there are some really cool ones out there like this, this one, or these ones. (I would post the pictures, but I think there’s some sort of no copying thing…. laws these days).

I should work on my project now. I am so bad at this! 😦

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